•  Category:   Day Trips 
  • Destinations:  Engaruka, Arusha
  • Duration:  One day
  • Budget Level:  Standard
  • Start in: Arusha
  • End in: Arusha

Program Description:

Cultural Tourism in Engaruka Day Visit will enable guests to visit Engaruka, Arusha and possibly can see the following attractions:

Cultural activities: Maasai culture activities, Maasai traditional wears, dances, ceremonies, photo shooting etc
Birds And Animals: One can see Maasai cattle graze along with herds of Zebras. It is attracting to see birds of prey hovering above the sky to make a kill, while secretary birds surround the plains for killing snakes.

Great Rift Valley Landscape: Engaruka is located at the foot of African Great Valley, eastern arch and hence visitors can see the valley including the eastern escarpment.
Ancient Historical Ruins: Visitors can see abandoned remnants of the developed irrigation system, Old graves, Old irrigation canals, and terraces and house walls towards the ruin site.

The abandoned irrigation and cultivation system involving a stone-block canal channeling water from the ?Crater Highlands? or a wide steep slope to stone lined cultivation terraces sometime in the 15th century, an Iron Age

The program is designed for Standard standard level travelers who are interested in Cultural Tourism and  Day Trips.

We can customize the itinerary to suite your travel needs and wants including budget, destinations, attraction and duration customization. Just send us an email and we will do as per your instructions.

Trip Includes:

Entrance Fee (If applicable)

All national park and other entry fees


4X4 Safari Vehicle

Meals and Drinking Water

Picnic lunch, Bottle Drinking Water

Travel Guide

Professional Guide (of your language) and a Driver

*Supported languages are English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and Indian. Other languages may be supported but on special request and arrangement


All sightseeing and game drive 

Trip Excludes:


All type of drinks apart from water


Hotel accommodation as indicated in the core itinerary


Gratitude / appreciation for the guide and driver


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