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Mbeya Region

The Tourism jewel in Mbeya is that one which making. Mbeya Region is one of Tanzania’s 30 administrative regions. It is located in the country’s southwest. The regional capital is the city of Mbeya.

A trip to Mbeya could be an exciting one when you experience different weather conditions changing from the coastal weather in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions, high altitude weather and low latitude weather in some places before reaching Mbeya Region, about 822 kilometres from Dar es Salaam.

Mbeya region has been endowed with lots of tourist attractions though not fully exploited. These attractions include those found near the city such as Mbeya and Loleza Peaks and the Utengule view point.

Kiwira River is a magical attraction by its tales and myths. Situated about 36 kilometres from Mbeya city near Tukuyu town, the river is a tourist attraction by it miracles which the local people tell every foreign visitor to the river side.

The river is popular and well-known by its natural attractions including the legendary “Kijungu”, or cooking pot, a naturally formed pot-looking landform in which the river empties its contents.

Not far from “Kijungu” is the “Daraja la Mungu”, or God’s Bridge, all under the mighty magic influence of Kiwira River.

The two attractions (Kijungu and Daraja la Mungu) can be reached after two to three hours of driving from Mbeya city on the Kyela highway branching off at a village known as Keikei just after Kiwira town, some10 kilometres along a dusty road that also leads to Kiwira Prisons Training College.

Kijungu acquires its name due to the ‘pot like’ shape of the base where the water falls making a whirlpool and taking a course that takes seven days for the water to return to a nearby spot and continue with its journey downstream.

From Kijungu, the river continues its way through the volcanic rocks some eight kilometres to Daraja la Mungu (Natural Bridge). Before reaching the natural bridge, there is a man-made bridge, at a point where the river banks are a bit close together.

Here, there is another myth: Anyone who attempted to leap across the banks lost his life. According to local people those who attempted to leap across fell into the river perished.

From Kijungu, is Daraja la Mungu or the God’s Bridge that was formed around 18 million years over the Kiwira River.

Other attractive places in Rungwe district include Ngosi Crater Lake that was formed about a million years ago and Kaparogwe falls, natural caves and a human footprint believed to be of the earliest man.

A natural cave where 100 cows were hidden during tribal wars among the Wanyakyusa people is found near Kiwira town. This cave is a tourist pulling attraction where guided visits could be arranged.

On the way to the Zambian border town of Tunduma some 70 kilometres from Mbeya city on the Marengi Hill, you will find the Mbozi Meteriorite.



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