• Category:   Day Trips 
  • Destinations:  Ngorongoro Crater
  • Duration:  One day
  • Budget Level:  Standard
  • Start in: Arusha
  • End in: Arusha

Program Description:

Guests who choose this program to visit Ngorongoro Crater will benefit in many areas as detailed below:

People and Culture (Maasai): Visit to the Maasai Cultural bomas to learn more about their unique culture, to take photographs, and to buy mementos. There is an entrance fee to be paid but it is well worth it.
Craters and Wildlife: The crater is one of the World Heritage Sites named by UNESCO since 1979, In the crater you can see the big 5 animals (Only possible in Ngorongoro), See the complete ecosystems where Flora na d Fauna depend on each other for a life,
Oldupai Gorge and Laetoli: Oldupai Gorge (originally misnamed Olduvai) is the most famous archaeological location in East Africa, widely regarded as the cradle of mankind and the most important prehistoric site in the world. It is at Olduvai where remains of Zinjanthropus, the world’s first humans, were discovered by Dr Louis and Mary Leakey over 50 years ago. The earliest known specimens of the human genus, Homo-habilis, as well as early hominids such as Paranthropus boisei have also been found there. The Olduvai Gorge is a steep-sided ravine in the Great Rift Valley, stretching along eastern Africa. The windswept Olduvai is about thirty miles long, lying within the rain shadow of the Ngorongoro highlands. The gorge is named after oldupaai, the Maasai word for the wild sisal plant and much more.

Beyond The Craters: The nearby attractions include: Lake Ndutu, Oldonyo Lengai, The Shifting Sands and Olkarien Gorge

Flamingos and Bird Watching: Flamingoes are mostly forund in Lakes situated within the crater together with the wide varity of bird species gives the visitor a broad option of bird viewing and nature enjoyment
Walking Safaris: Short walk and long walk are possible but must be planned in advance and the plan must include the Ngorongoro guides

The program is designed for Standard budget level travelers who are interested in Wildlife, Game drive, and  Day Trips.

We can customize the itinerary to suite your travel needs and wants including budget, destinations, attraction and duration customization. Just send us an email and we will do as per your instructions.

Trip Includes:

Entrance Fee (If applicable)

All national park and other entry fees


4X4 Safari Vehicle


Picnic lunch

Travel Guide

Professional Guide (of your language) and a Driver

*Supported languages are English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and Indian. Other languages may be supported but on special request and arrangement


All sightseeing and game drive 

Trip Excludes:


All type of soft and hard drinks


All types of accommodations


Gratitude / appreciation for the guide and driver

Other expenditures

Expenditure not mentioned in the itinerary

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